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A bit about myself: I've been with mainstream publications design spanning over two decades: @ India Today, India Magazine, Business World magazine, Dorling Kindersley books, Outlook Getaway books, Prevention magazine, HarperCollins publishers.

My approach to design is based on content, reach and platform. Ive created cover designs for poetry, fiction, reference, children, essays, nutrition, health, sports, politics, opinion, young adults and education.

I arrive at master templates looking into details of content. Suggesting sequence of content, mapping sections and chapters, creating detailed elements towards an innovative, appealing, aesthetic look and feel. A trekking guidebook and another on Silent Cinema in India have been particularly joyful to work on.

I've also supplemented this mainstream work with creating designs for invites, educational materials, journals, conferences, book catalogues, planners, posters, standees and packaging. Ive dabbled with stage design and also exhibition design. 

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